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prettyaspuke's Journal

pretty as puke!, live from nicole's basement!
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Pretty as Puke is a band. The kind of band that doesn't play shows or instruments very well, if at all, but is well-versed in the arts of self-zombification and wig maintenance. A band made up of two Michigan girls with big, ratty hair and even bigger hearts. Hearts that are full of love for zombies (and their killers), fast food, new kids, and other things. Things like Scrabble and puppies and chainsaws.

If you like any of these things too, chances are, my friend, Pretty as Puke are the girls for you! If you like rollin' with rocks, rockin' the rolls, or any such combination, you've come to the right place!
barf bag collections, bathrooms, boogers, bruce campbell, chocolate, demon voices, fast food, having fake noses, jeff's sweet guitar skills, la la las, making faces, mary kate and ashley, melisa's legal advice, michelle's dance moves, mirrors, open mouth eating, photography, physical deformities, randy travis, see food, sloth, taco bells, taming the open sea, the dip, the rat face, unshaped eyebrows, wedding bells, zombies